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Sail the high seas and gather the most amount of treasure you can! However your cannonballs have been tampered with, and are now super bouncy! Be wary and avoid them as you collect your gold. Don't get too greedy thoughh, as they may be your downfall.

This was intended as a 'one week' project where I aimed to complete a simple arcade game. Ultimately, because of life commitments it ended up taking me three weeks. As it was a project meant to refine my skills, I'm putting it out for free for others to play and enjoy.

This was created entirely using Unity 5.6.2xf1 Linux, Gimp and Blender. However most of what you see is from free or cheap assets from the Unity store.

There's is optional Slack support for posting highscore results. You will find a slack.txt file in the download now with further instructions. You will need the Slackbot extension already installed for your Slack team for this to work.


Ship: Watercraft by Kenney Vleugels (Kenney.nl)
Font: Bubble Font by Jazz Create Games
Chest: Treasure set by Fairy shop
Sounds: Freesound.org and 512 Sound Effects (8-bit) by SubspaceAudio
Gems: Gem Shader by Unity Technologies
Water: Low Poly Water by Jolix
Easing: C.J. Kimberlin
Tree: Cartoon Palmtree by 8bull


pirating-linux-x64.zip 26 MB
Version 2 Dec 06, 2017
pirating-osx-x64.zip 24 MB
Version 2 Dec 06, 2017
pirating-win-x64.zip 21 MB
Version 2 Dec 06, 2017

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